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Officers & Directors

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Senior Management
Rex K. Entsminger   Rex K. Entsminger
President/Chief Executive Officer
Rex K. Entsminger   John W. Stichnoth
Senior Vice President - Chief Credit Officer
Dean E. Cooke   Dean E. Cooke
Executive Vice President - Chief Financial Officer
Dean E. Cooke   K. Denise Osadjan
Senior Vice President - Chief Risk Officer/Corporate Secretary
Aaron Patterson   Aaron Patterson
Senior Vice President - Chief Information Officer
Aaron Patterson   Nora Koehler
Senior Vice President - Human Resources Officer
Board of Directors
John W. Collman   John W. Collman
John W. Collman   Rex K. Entsminger
Charles B. Kullberg   Charles B. Kullberg
Charles B. Kullberg   Frederick J. Kundert
Carolyn S. Sluiter   Carolyn S. Sluiter
Carolyn S. Sluiter   Robert W. Stenstrom
Judd D. Thruman   Judd D. Thruman
Judd D. Thruman   Douglas A. Wagner
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